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Aloha Ohana,


It’s been a little while since I have been in Hawaii and  I wanted to personally share some news that I am very excited about.  I have new music coming this quarter, the first single is Manners, which you see in this EPK. I will be performing in Hawaii in March of 2022 to promote it along with my upcoming new singles that are on their way. I am sending this to all of my radio contacts throughout the state with intent to release my new music as radio exclusives.


I love everything about Hawaii Radio - and rather than starting these new songs out on  my independent streaming platforms, my team and I felt like this was the best way we  could honor Hawaii Radio for being the first to break my music on the shores of the pacific. 

I am thankful for the relationships I have in Hawaii and am excited to connect with each  of you in hopes to continue our collaboration to bring fresh new music to our pacific  island homes. 

I remain humbled and grateful for each of you and the amazing work you do in  supporting independent artists like myself.  




It’s impossible to define Leilani Wolfgramm. To say she is a singer-songwriter would do  no justice to the raw storytelling songstress and fierce voice that she is. Her music is  emotionally raw, fiercely candid, self-deprecating and the most honest reflection of  someone trying to make sense of an insane world.  

Her songs are a musical auto-biography - visually narrating us through scenes of early  childhood trauma, drug addiction, mental illness, familial loss, self-destruction, romantic  dynamics and mortality mixed with an open self-dialogue, painful self-observation and  genuine self-awareness. 

She is a true artist when it comes to matching vibes to stories. She wanders in and out  of genres with incredible ease with a range of work spanning soulful reggae, indie pop,  electronic dancehall and everything in between. She is a living breathing story of what it  means to be human, to be open about one’s demons, and of the power that comes from  owning our own nature and looking at ourselves without fear.  

Her performances are electrifying - mystifying you with stories, dance, genre-bending  antics and pure self-deprecating honesty that keeps you enraptured in motion as you  party the night away with loved ones in the best possible way.  

She is unapologetically who she is and helps anyone who might be wandering in the  dark find that same courage. 


Leilani Wolfgramm


Swells OC

Team Wolfpak is excited to introduce our touring partner Swells OC.


With a blend of smooth soulful tones, feel good vibes, and charismatic stage presence, Swells OC captivates his audiences locally and abroad. Born in Orange County, California, Swells OC got his first taste for music playing and singing at church. Being of Tongan decent, music is such a rich part of the culture, so it was only natural that he latched on to music at such a young age. 


Swells OC got his first big break in the island reggae market as a musician,  backing artists such as Fiji, Common Kings, Sammy Johnson, Katchafire, and more;  however, it wasn't until recently that he decided to pursue a solo career as an  independent island reggae artist. 

Being an artist that writes and produces his own music, Swells OC has already released  two singles titled, "Rock The Night" and "Still Wanna Be" feat. Sammy Johnson, and a  self titled EP in October of 2019; the latter project having charted at #4 upon release on  the iTunes Reggae charts.


Swells attributes much of his success to the many artists that he's had the chance to  work with. Be on the lookout for his upcoming releases as well as his upcoming tour  dates.  


Please reach out to us directly with questions or for radio collaboration.

Thanks for submitting!


Andrew Ackerly


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